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The goal of the Dragonfly Children’s Healing Centre is to enhance the wellbeing of children, parents, families and community through early prevention.

Dragonfly Centre Red Deer

The Centre relies on the expertise of wrap around services of the Outreach Centre’s professional staff.  The trauma-informed therapeutic approach provided through the Dragonfly Children’s Healing Centre will nurture, protect, enrich, educate and provide healing avenues for children and youth who are experiencing trauma from domestic violence, homelessness, and suicide.

The Centre provides a spectrum of services and programs to children and youth from Red Deer and Central Alberta. It is our goal through collaboration with our partners that children and youth who have experienced potentially traumatizing events/patterns of events have the opportunity to heal and develop healthy skills and behaviours.

Dragonfly Children’s Healing Centre Programing consists of:

  • Child and Adolescent Therapy.
  • Child Parent Relationship Therapy.
  • Multi-Sensory Therapy (Snoezelen Room).
  • Support Groups with a therapeutic approach.
    • Kid Power
    • Youth Boundaries
    • Living beyond Trauma

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Dragonfly Centre Programs

Kid Power Therapy Group

This is a play therapy group for children who have been affected by domestic violence.  Children who grow up around Domestic Violence are affected even if they are not directly abused.  Research shows children who live with domestic violence often develop psychological, emotional, and behavioral problems.

The Centre for Disease Control found  children who witness abuse are at greater risk of:

  • alcohol and substance abuse
  • health conditions like cancer, depression and diabetes
  • poor performance in school
  • greater likelihood of an early death

Children who grow up around domestic violence also believe it is normal, and often repeat the cycle of violence in their adult lives.

Kid Power is offered for 8 consecutive weeks each spring, fall and winter.

Parent’s Group

The primary goals of the Parenting Groups is to encourage parents to:

  • better understand their child’s world, through the use of empathy
  • become aware of messages they received in their childhood and how it affects their parenting today
  • become aware of the difference between punishment and discipline
  • become aware of the difference between effective and ineffective communications skills
  • become aware of the long range consequences of different discipline methods

Children’s Group

The primary goals of Kid Power are to encourage children to:

  • learn what abuse is
  • learn to express feelings and thoughts about experiences such as separation or loss, family violence, and stressful family events
  • develop a safety plan
  • learn to express anger in a healthy manner
  • improve problem solving skills

NOTE:   Kid Power Children’s and Parent groups run separately at the same day and time.

For more information:

Individuals interested in this program must pre-register by submitting the application form below. For current program start dates or more information, contact The Outreach Centre at 403-347-2480.

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There is no cost for this program.

Play therapy:

  • is a therapeutic approach based on developmental principles
  • is a process where the child chooses objects, symbols, or types of play to express their inner concerns or work through particular problems
  • is facilitated by a trained and certified Child Therapist who is skilled in interpreting child’s play, assists in promoting growth and change
  • is beneficial to your child’s development and offers the opportunity to make sense of their world
  • uses the whole self (mind and body) to express unconscious thoughts, fears, anxieties, and wishes to process or resolve “stuck” thoughts or feelings

The Playroom is viewed as the child’s kingdom where they are free to explore and express themselves through various mediums such as fantasy, play, sand play, puppets, and miniatures.  The toys are carefully selected to offer an opportunity to engage the child’s imagination and express various feelings and experiences.

Parent involvement:

As a parent you may be involved in one or all of the following roles:

  • Observer – you can report what surfaces at homes between sessions
  • Advocate – you may be asked to introduce ideas to family members as well as school, daycare personnel, or those who care for your child
  • Play Partner – you may be asked to join sessions for specific reasons or to follow a “play time” recipe at home
  • Provider of Limits – family routines, rules and limits will be explored and you may be asked to experiment with new ideas in your child’s environment

Play therapy is a two way process.  Parents know their child best and we believe that effective treatment requires a team effort and an open flow of information.

All children are unique in how they move forward in stages of Play Therapy.  Length of time depends on the presenting problem and level of family support.  After every 3 – 4 sessions, the Therapist will check in with the parent/caregiver in order to gain and share insight and feedback, as well monitor and agree on the durations of sessions.

For those interested in more information on Play Therapy and to register your child please contact The Outreach Centre at 403-347-2480.
There is no charge for this service.

The Daycare is currently Closed during the COVID pandemic. For more information, read our COVID response.

We are a licensed daycare facility.  We can provide care for children 12 months to 6 years of age.  We have allowed for 10 full time spots with the remaining spots being available for drop in care.

Clients accessing programs do have access to free childcare.  We provide up to 10 hours per month of respite care for Julietta’s Place residents and participants with the Red Deer Housing Team.

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Please call the Outreach Centre at 403-347-2480 or email info@theoutreachcentre.org, or submit this form for more a detailed response.

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