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How to Help: Self-Care

Taking care of ourselves is very important! When we take time for ourselves, it helps our overall well-being. This short introductory course provides tips for taking care of yourself mentally which will help your overall health. Self-care is an important thing to do regularly. 

Please Note: This course does not replace counselling, nor is it intended to. These are skills and tips to use to help cope with stress.

How to Help: Suicide Awareness

How to Help: Suicide Awareness is an online course which aims to educate individuals about the often marginalized topic that is suicide. Throughout the course, the individual will be introduced to the language around suicide, myths, prevalence, mental health and so much more. Suicide is a complex topic, and this course is intended to introduce the learner to the topic.

Content warning: suicide and mental health

Mental Wellness Basics

Positive mental wellness is the ability to cope with stressors, maintain productivity and make a contribution to our communities. In this course, the learner will explore the basic building blocks of mental wellness and learn practical strategies that can easily be incorporated into a person’s lifestyle as new habits. The goal of this course is to increase personal awareness about mental wellness and the steps necessary to maintain it.

Understanding Domestic Violence

This 7 module course explores the definition of abuse and the types of abuse that can occur in intimate relationships. Participants will learn about the cycle of abuse, coping strategies, self-care, and more. This course is appropriate for someone currently in a relationship or who have left a relationship.