School Based Education Programs

We provide educational presentations for Kindergarten to Grade 12.

We provide programs related to suicide prevention by focusing on age appropriate topics that help foster resiliency and mental health. Presentations are booked per class with a maximum of 30-40 students.

For more information or to book a session, call 403.347.2480 or email

Kindergarten – How I Feel

Length – 30 minutes

Guided explorations of comfortable feelings, with a focus on seeking help from trusted adults.

Grade 1 – How I Act

Length – 30 minutes

Activities addressing emotional regulation and building healthy coping skills for uncomfortable feelings.

Grade 2 – How Can I Help?

Length – 1 hour

Exploration into empathy building, appropriate responses and effective help seeking behavior.

Grade 3 – Who Am I?

Length – 1 hour

Students explore their strengths, talents and what they love about themselves while building self-esteem.

Grade 4 – What Now?

Length – 1 hour

Discussion and activites around decision making, appropriate choices and taking responsibility.

Grade 5 – How I Act Online

Length – 1 hour

Participants explore social media, online behaviors, potential benefits and long-term consequences.

Grade 6 – How Do I Treat You?

Length – 2 hours

Bullying prevention focusing on the bullying triangle, reasons, consequences of bullying, what to do and how to report the bullying situation.

Grade 7 – How Do I Cope?

Length – 1 hour

Focus on the science behind stress and building effective coping mechanisms.

Grade 8 – Self Harm

Length – 1 hour

Conversation around self-harm behavior, risk factors, positive coping skills and help seeking behavior.

Grade 9 – Mental Health Literacy

Length – 1 hour

Exploration of mental health vs. mental illness and building personal resilience.

CALM & High School Sessions

Suicide Awareness

Length – 2 hour minimum (usually two 80 minute sessions)

Open discussion of risk factor, suicidal behavior, reconizing warning signs and seeking help.

Depression Awareness

Length – 80 minutes

Focus on breaking down the stigma around depression, learning about symptoms and what support is available.

Stress of Tests

Length – 1 hour

Addressing effective study habits, causes of test anziety and building de-stressing skills.

There is no charge for the School Based Education Program.
Areas outside of Red Deer are subject to a travel fee of $0.62/km.
Honorariums are always greatly appreciated.